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A couple words...

A felt like posting a few words. Bear with me...I've bolded my favorite parts.

She bites her lip and tossed hair hair,
thinking for just a moment of all the things she's wanted for half and year and she thinks of all the ones she broke trying to conquer her fear,

She's scared of that stairway and all those lost plastic bags,
and the lunch box with water bottles from random diners,

And she likes that he makes her hurt,
because none of the others even tried,

And she likes that he makes her want,
because she couldn't fuck herself into wanting
hotels, jeeps, old trucks, her childhood home, or that deal maker,

She presses the keys and motions like she should,
and she hides in flirtation much more innocent than she ever pretends to be,
because she does pour black cherry over her skin
and she does drag yellow handles close to the thin
and she does find relief in those forced down,

She likes the way he hurts her
because none of the others ever pushed her down
quite like that,

She bites her lip and tosses her hair
before she does a little more to further find stability
in her blissful agony.

Burn the bridges with the glance,
break the tattered, down the fences,
all you've done is slice a girl,
why bother?

Leave her be
she was fine
left alone, not pining;
You said so much with mouth closed tight
you gave all the wrong answers,

You smile and you kiss the girl
and she lets you after all you've done,
she tried to keep the link strong there
but you change your mind like a bird;

Healthy isn't what this breads
but wants and whims don't listen well,
you touch her like you'll never leave
and then she's left too mute to tell.

I write a lot of lyrics, er...poems? I think...I think I'm gonna start posting them. What could it hurt, right?
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