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///I just poured my heart out...///

...there's bits of it on the floor.

23 February 1989
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Underworld: last_archangel

Credits for all brushes, textures, fonts, or anything else that I didn't create or cap myself can be found here: ::Resources::


Want to make me really happy, check out my Pure Volume Artist Page and give a listen to my music:
Listen to Rory Matthews at PureVolume.com

The Hush Sound comin' to town, fa la la la la la la:

Please sign the petition to save the NBC series 'Conviction': Here
It's an amazing show, and deserves a chance.

My name is Rory, I'm 18. I love slash. I can be kinda of out spoken. But, not in a mean "Your point sucks, fuck off" way. More of a, "That's interesting, lets here it." Kind of way. I write angsty poetry sometimes, it's to get out everything and anything I might feel at a given moment.
I love reviews and comments on any form of art I might post here. It really makes my day to hear what people think of my stuff, so comment I beg of you.
My life is the life of a boring early college student who is a voice major and has almost no time. That's about it.


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created by: divided_poet

created by: divided_poet

Queer As Folk is Love.

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

For My Own Sanity So I Don't Have To Look For This Stuff Everytime--

a walk to remember, alice/jasper, amy studt, angel, angela/hodgins, arthur/ariadne, arthur/eames, avril lavigne, blink-182, bones, brennan/booth, brian/christina, brian/justin, brushes, buffy the vampire slayer, camp, casey/zeke, cassie steele, center stage, charmed, christophe beck, coldplay, conviction, craig/ellie, cruel intentions, cursed, damien rice, dashboard confessional, daughters of the moon, dawson's creek, dawson's creek slash, degrassi: the next generation, doug/jack, drake bell, eisley, fall out boy, fan fiction, fanart, fanvids, fiona apple, firefly, frames, fred/wesley, garbage, gilmore girls, harry potter, harry/ron, head automatica, hodgela, inception, jack/david, jack/tobey, jackson/melissa, janet evanovich, jayne/river, jimmy/bo, john mayer, katie/oliver, katy rose, kaylee, kaylee/simon, keane, logan/duncan, love actually, lucas/brooke, lucy/tumnus, mal/simon, maria mena, mark/roger, maroon 5, mat kearney, maxxie/tony, michael/ben, michelle branch, music, my chemical romance, my guitar, narnia, nathan/hailey, new radicals, one tree hill, pacey/joey, panic! at the disco, paula cole, percy/oliver, peyton/jake, pheely, poetry, princess diaries, pyro/iceman, queer as folk, rainbow boys, rayne, reading, reid, related, remus/sirius, rent, river, river/jayne, ron/hermione, rory/jess, rory/logan, rory/tristan, ryan/marissa, ryan/seth, sarah mclachlan, serenity, seth and ryan, seth/summer, she's the man, sigur ros, simon tam, simon/kaylee, simon/mal, singing, skins, slash, snow patrol, song writing, the all-american rejects, the alley theatre, the covenant, the cutting edge, the finalist, the killers, the notebook, the oc, the red jumpsuit apparatus, third eye blind, trory, vampires, vanessa carlton, veronica mars, veronica/logan, wash, white oleander, willow/oz, willow/tara, willow/xander, writing, yellowcard, zoe, zoe/wash